Key Dates for Year End


*Prepare Section 1515 Checklist for 2020 in relation to negatively geared
investment properties if you intend to submit one.

Pre June 30 2019

*Review shareholder loan accounts and make minimum loan repayments
(may need to declare dividends)

* Pay superannuation to deduct contributions in the current financial year

*Prepare trust profit resolutions for year ended 30 June 2019

*Review SMSF pensions & make minimum pension payments

From 1 July 2019

*Register your business for Single Touch Payroll (if not previously registered)

14 July 2019 (on or before)

*PAYG Payment Summaries provided to all of your staff

21 July 2019

*All businesses registered for payroll tax must perform their annual reconciliation

28 July 2019

*Quarterly super guarantee payment due (1 April – 30 June)

14 August 2019

*Annual PAYG Payment Summary Report lodged with the ATO

28 August 2019

*Taxable Payments Annual Report for businesses in the following
industries to be lodged with the ATO:
-Building and Construction Services
-Cleaning Services
-Courier Services

*Prepare Super Guarantee Charge (SGC) Statement and lodge with ATO

30 September 2019

*Ensure business is registered for and lodging payroll information on Single
Touch Payroll (if required)

30 October 2019

*Provide certified remuneration to WorkSafe by 30 October (for businesses with
remuneration above $200,000) or by 31 March 2020 (for remuneration below