8 employee retention tips you should know | Grow Your Business with Hector Garcia

Hiring and retaining talent is a challenge. According to the QuickBooks Small Business Insights survey, 20% of small business owners say the skills shortage is the biggest threat to their business this year. And more than half say it’s getting harder and harder to hire talented workers.

Keeping skilled workers has proven to be just as tricky. More than 40% say employee retention is hard. Today’s employees want more than basic benefits and pizza parties – and they’re not afraid to shop around. Things like a healthy work life balance, hybrid work options, employee training, and an empathetic leadership team are key to your organizational culture and employee retention. With so many options on the market, employers are have to work harder to keep employees engaged.

Watch to learn 8 employee retention secrets from growing businesses with a proven track record, including what to offer beyond basic employee benefits and how to make employees feel valued and respected.